Merge VR review – Is it worth buying?

Product: Merge VR goggle Price: 99$ Where to buy: or Warranty: 1 Years warranty at   I am writing this post today to review an awesome virtual reality headset, the Merge VR. There are a lot of headsets available right now to experience virtual reality with your smartphone, so which one to […]

The Void – A Virtual Reality Theme Park

I think this is going to show everybody just how cool is virtual reality and what we are to expect in the future of it. The void is a virtual reality theme park where you are going able to move around in an arena or what they called  Gaming pods, while seeing a completely different […]

How to watch virtual reality videos with your smartphone

When I talk to people about virtual reality a lot of them are wondering how can they watch virtual reality videos with their smartphone so I decide to answer this question by writing this post because there is more than one way to do that and there are a couple of different application and websites […]

3 terrifying virtual reality horror games for iPhones

If you are a big fan of horror games, and you have an iPhone you are gonna like this, I’ve found 3 awesome terror games that will give you the chills and the 3 are ios and android compatible with google cardboard or any mobile VR headset. If you are an iPhone user like me […]

Oculus Rift and a laptop, Does it work together?

There are lots of reasons people prefer a laptop over a desktop, it’s more convenient, easy to travel with, doesn’t take as much space ( it doesn’t have all these wire hanging in the back), so if you are a gamer like me and like to combine everyday networking and gaming on your laptop, you […]

Best VR games for iphone

If you have an iPhone and a virtual reality headset device that is compatible with the google cardboard, you are gonna need some good games to enjoy it, I’ve made a list here of some of the best one you can have fun with. InMind VR   This in a really cool game made by […]

What is the google cardboard ?

Want to experience virtual reality without going broke? Google cardboard is the best way to do that! You probably heard already about virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Rift or Playstation VR, but those headsets are selling for quite a lot of money. If you want to experience virtual reality but don’t want to […]