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Merge VR review – Is it worth buying?

Product: Merge VR goggleWEB-Merge-360-Hero-34-1200px (1)

Price: 99$

Where to buy: or

Warranty: 1 Years warranty at


I am writing this post today to review an awesome virtual reality headset, the Merge VR. There are a lot of headsets available right now to experience virtual reality with your smartphone, so which one to buy? There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you buy a virtual reality headset.

The things you need to be aware when buying a VR headset would be the comfort, the features , the applications, the adjustment of the lenses and of course, the price. All of this will make the difference to get the best experience of virtual reality with your headset.

First off this review will probably go only one way because I absolutely love the Merge VR goggles, of course, it is still a review and I would tell you all about the pros and cons of it, based on my own experience.

I was so impressed the first time I got my hands on it and I still am today, I am using it almost every day, playing games, watching videos, there are a lot of things you can do with it and there are always new content, new apps getting developed for virtual reality so it is the perfect time to get your own headset!

Here’s a video overview of the Merge Vr headset

Let’s talk comfort….

The comfort of a headset is one of the most or probably THE MOST important thing about a headset. If when you wear it you feel pain or discomfort, the experience will not be the same and the immersion in a virtual world neither and that is the opposite of what we want with virtual reality and it’s not going to work if your headset is bringing you back to reality by hurting your face. You won’t be able to play long or watching movies without feeling discomfort…

One thing I can guarantee with the merge VR is that you will never feel any pain wearing it nor discomfort, even if you wear if for a long period of time and that’s probably where the success of it comes from.

And why is it any different from any others?

This is because of the materials it’s made of. The merge VR headset is the only one that is made of soft flexible foam and there are a lot of advantage to that. First off…

Lightweight: The headset is extremely lightweight, I think the exact weight is 370g (without your smartphone in it), even with your smartphone inside you will barely feel it on your head, that’s the different between hard plastic and soft foam, the foam is much lighter, I don’t know why there are not more headset like this, it’s such a great idea.

Soft flexible foam: Since the headset is made all of soft foam, this is what you will feel on your face, and in the nose area, and it just feels so good. Of course, every headset has some kind of foam or leather rubber around the face but the main problem with a lot of headsets is with the nose gap, they usually don’t put foam there and your nose can get sore quickly. With the Merge, I even tried to if I press down on it on my nose to see if that would actually hurt but I didn’t feel a thing

Headstraps: With the two parts head straps (one on top, one on the back of your head), the headset will never move on your face or come down on your face. The straps are all adjustable as well so it fits everybody, so all you have to do it put it on and enjoy the ride without worry.

Now with the features…

  • Adjustable, Custom lenses: There are two buttons on top and two on the bottom to adjust the lenses, this is useful depending on what type of phone your are using and your own interpupillary distance.
  • Flexible foam body: As I mention before the foam body makes the headset really comfortable and fun to wear but on top of that is is almost impossible to break, you can squish it, drop it as many times as you like and nothing will ever happen to it, compare to hard plastic that is much more easily broke. Also, the foam tight on your face keeps the light from coming in.
  • Audio port: There are two spaces on both sides of the headset that allows you to plug in your headphones and/or your charging cable while playing, believe it or not, it is not every headset that as this function, as important it is.
  • Camera access for augmented reality: This is a really cool feature, on the front there is a removable part that you can take off really easily that allows you to have access to the camera. There are a lot of augmented reality apps, that are really fun to try, so it’s a good thing to have that option.
  • Anti-fog ventilation: The two littles holes right on top, keeps the lenses from fogging so that you have always the clearest view possible.
  • Dual input buttons: The two same button to adjust the lenses, but there are your only control button, instead of taking your phone of the headset you can use those button to click on your phone screen, select different videos, start, pause, no use for games yet, though.

Let the fun begin!

So, how exactly can you use this headset? It’s really simple, all you have to do is download some virtual reality apps from the Apple Store for iOS or GooglePlay Store for android. There are plenty of applications available at the moment to enjoy virtual reality, you’ve got a bunch of VR games you can play (shoot zombies, drive your favorite car, explore the world.

There is also an app from the merge called the merge start, you can find it at and there are plenty of apps you can enjoy such as the Goosebumps experience or the walks. If you’re an acrophobia, the walk is perfect for you to take over your fear!

Goosebumps VR app

Goosebumps VR app

The walk VR app

The walk VR app


Virtual reality videos as quite enjoyable as well, there are a tons of apps to watch like 360° video from, such as youtube, you can read my post on it, I explain how you can watch virtual reality videos and the best apps to watch them from, click on the link right below to view it!

How to watch virtual reality videos with your smartphone

Augmented reality is so much fun too, it’s like adding virtual elements, to your actual environment. By example, you can be walking down the street with the headset on and with this app called dinosaurs, you can watch dinosaurs walking around you in real size, as big as they were when they ruled the earth! ( People will probably look at you funny though but whatever dinosaurs, it’s so cool!)

Is your phone compatible?

Due to the flexible foam body, the Merge goggles will work with almost any kind of smartphones built in the last 2 years android an iOS. The optimum experience will be with the most newer phones like the iPhone 6, or Samsung 5 but it still works perfectly fine with a smaller phone since you can adjust the lenses on the headset.

I am using it with my iPhone 5s and it has a screen of 4″, I can see very well with it but the only downside thing is that I can see the edges of the phone too so it is best recommended with a bigger phone.



If you want to experience virtual reality for a good price I would definitely recommend the Merge VR goggles, they are durable, easy to clean, the most comfortable headset I’ve seen, I totally love them and I am sure you will too for a low price of 99$ it is worth the money guaranteed!

If you’ve got any questions or want to share your experience virtual reality leave them below and I would be happy to help you out, thanks for reading.


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The Void – A Virtual Reality Theme Park

I think this is going to show everybody just how cool is virtual reality and what we are to expect in the future of it. The void is a virtual reality theme park where you are going able to move around in an arena or what they called  Gaming pods, while seeing a completely different virtual world while wearing a virtual reality headset called the Rapture HMD. Sounds pretty cool right?

The way it works is by creating virtual worlds over a real physical environment so you will be able to interact with this virtual world using your hands, holding weapons, open doors with holograms, awesome stuff really.

When I learned about this, I was completely amazed seeing how far we’ve got with the technology of today, the void is not open to the public yet but it’s functional, and you can already buy your reservation tickets online. It says to be ready in summer 2016.

The Void website:

These virtual worlds will have endless of possibilities, only our imagination really will be the limitation of what we gonna be able to experience inside The Void, but right now it’s still a work in progress but they already created different world we are going to be able to explore pretty soon.

  • Research Facility: Aliens! In this one, you explore a futuristic research facility and the goal is to retrieve an ancient alien life form. You need to fight your way through spiders, drones, aliens, equip with your laser gun.
  • Dimension one: Travel in a mysterious temple to uncover all of it’s secret.

Here’s a short video of The Void, it’ll help you understand better what this is all about


The feeling inside the Void

The idea behind the void is to experience virtual reality in a physical sort of way. Beeing able to walk around, touching control panel, holding weapons you will feel real vibration, air pressure, cold, heat, elevation change, you will smell different things, all to make the experience as real as it gets.

They will have also a motion simulator, where it will gives you the impression of flying a jet, or riding a mechanical robot, or exploring space, anything you can imagine really.

The technology

The gear for the void is quite fascinating, things that you can’t get at home.

The Rapture HMD: This is the head mounted display that will allow you to see all the different worlds, you have a pair of high-quality headphone integrated into it and also a microphone for communication with other players during the game.

The Rapture Vest: With this vest you will feel everything, if you get shot by bullets, or attacked by a monster, it has a number of contact point that will not only vibrate but interact depending on what action is going on in the virtual world.

The Rapture Gloves: The gloves will allow you to control your hands for a complete immersion, you will be able to pick up any weapon you find, or gives punches to a monster attacking you, casting spells, you will have super power with it.

The Void is really the future of entertainment it’s something that never has been before with a unique concept where eventually you will be able to experience anything you want, anything you imagine. I am excited for when it’s coming out I will keep you posted on any updates they make.

Thanks for reading,


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People ask me: Where can I buy the Google Cardboard – Find out where to get yours today!

I’m often asked: “Where Can I buy the Google Cardboard”, and I decided to answer this question because even myself when I was looking for one I wasn’t sure where to get it since there is no Official Google Cardboard, Google doesn’t sell it but there are a lot of company’s that are manufacturing it and a lot of different models to so, I will go over them to help you find the best Cardboard for you.
One thing important that you need to have on your Google Cardboard is the logo that says “Works with Google Cardboard”, that means it is certified by Google and you will be able to run all the applications that come with it. On your cardboard headset, you will also have a Viewer profile logo, that you need to scan to calibrate your headset with the Google Cardboard app and also sometimes with different games. This way, when you scan it, the application will know what settings you need for the kind of headset you got such as eye’s to lenses distance, phone to lenses distance all that stuff.

Work with Google Cardboard logo

Works with Google Cardboard logo

Viewer profile logo

Viewer profile logo

Where to find a Google Cardboard headset?

I Am Cardboard –

This is where I bought my first one

This is where I bought my first virtual reality headset and I have been loving it so far. They have a good variety of different headset version, depending on your need and your preference. You can also choose the color you like, I have one in black, there is also the color blue, red, yellow, and the original box color.

They also have the giant version for those of you who have a very large phone such as the Nexus 6, Samsung Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, the iPhone 6 Plus and OnePlus one so if you have one of those phones you should be better off with the giant version.

On most of their models, you have the choice of adding an NFC tag. The only function of it is that you can program your headset to automatically open an app when you slide your phone into it, other than that it’s not that useful, unless you are always playing with the same app, but if you have lots of application, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Cardboard Kit

Price: Cardboard V 1.0: 15$

Price Cardboard V 2.0: 20$


Cardboard V.2.0

Cardboard V.2.0

Cardboard V.1.0

Cardboard V.1.0

We could say that this is their original version, made of cardboard, you have 2 different version, the cardboard, and cardboard V.2.0, the main difference will only be with the function button, the cardboard V. 1.0 has a magnet switch on the side, and the V.2.0 has a conduction foam button on top of the headset so really it’s just a matter of preference. Both of these models comes, in black, blue, red, yellow, white and the original box color.


Price: 25$

EVA (black)

EVA (black)

EVA (multi-colored)

EVA (multi-colored)

This is a really cool model, it’s made with Eva foam material, it’s more flexible and durable, might feel a little bit better on your face too since it’s a soft foam. For the command function, you can choose between the magnet or the top button from the V.2.0 models. Another big plus with the EVA model is that it comes with a head strap so you don’t have to hold it when you can playing games or watching videos. For colors, you don’t have as many choice, only the black one or the multi-colored. It’s always possible to personalize how you want.


Price: 30$

DSCVR (blue)

DSCVR (blue)

DSCRV ( with travel case)

DSCRV ( with travel case)

DSCVR (red)

DSCVR (red)

This is a nice looking headset as well, they made it so it is super portable so that you can bring it everywhere you go, it has a retractable chassis and there is even a travel case that comes with it, unfortunately, no head strap available with this model. There is a conductive button on top for the command, like the V2.0, but it’s made with an upgraded material (more durable). You have a wide variety of colors, ( blue, black, yellow, orange, red and green).

I am cardboard is a great site to find good quality virtual reality headset for really cheap. If you are just getting started with virtual reality you will absolutely love it.

They offer fast shipping worldwide and they provide you a tracking number.

Here’s the link to their website:

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask them below and I will be happy to help you.


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Homido Virtual Reality headset Review – Visit virtual world with your smarphone

Product: Homido VR headsethomido-headset-03-7481

Price: 80$

Where to buy: or

Quality: Solid, excellent comfort


The Homido VR is a virtual reality headset that is made to experience virtual reality with your smartphone, it is a lot cheaper than the original virtual reality headset such as the oculus rift which cost about 600$ or the Project Morpheus, which is another really expensive headset, also keep in mind that you need a really powerful PC that cost over 1000$ to be able to run the oculus rift. With the Homido, the experience might not be the same as the Oculus Rift but it is virtual reality and they made it this way so that everyone can enjoy it. Developers are always working on a bunch of really cool game and 360° spherical videos that will be available on smartphones. You can get a pretty good deal with the Homido headset and gives you a good taste of virtual reality worlds.  Guaranteed!

This is why the Homido might be the best alternative to experience virtual reality, it cost around 80$ and you can get it on amazon or directly from their website at and they sell it for 70 euros which I think is really a fair price, with everything you can do with it!

How does it work?

Basically, all you need to do is to insert your smartphone into the headset and you can start experiencing virtual reality with some video games in 3D or you can watch VR videos that are 360° and also in 3D. There is a lot of application made for virtual reality that you can find in the GooglePlay store or the Apple Store. The best way to get started I would recommend you to download the app called Homido Center and from there you can download a lot of cool virtual reality games or watch videos and photos in 3D.

Homido Applications

To get you started with virtual reality you are gonna need some cool application so you can play games, watch 360° spherical videos and pictures in 3D. First application you should get is the Homido Center, where you can find a bunch of virtual reality games and videos, it’s a catalogue of all the apps available and all the newest apps and you can download them from there. A lot of them are free, some you need to pay.

Second one is the Homido player, made to watch 3D videos, you can upload videos that you find on any website like youtube and play them with the Homido player just by copying the URL link. You can even record your own videos with the app and watch them with your headset later.

Homido VR Player

Homido VR Player

Homido Center

Homido Center



Is your smartphone compatible?

First off, it is compatible with both android and iOS, you can even use a windows phone but the experience will be limited For the optimum experience, you need a screen size of 5 inches(111x62mm) but don’t worry if your phone is smaller or bigger than that, it’s still gonna work perfectly fine from a range off 4 inches to 5.7 inches. Myself, I am using an iPhone 5, which got a screen of only 4 inches and I had a wonderful experience with it.

The screen resolution must, at least,  be HD ( 720×1280 pixels) and for the optimum experience you want to be in Full HD ( 1080x1920pixels) or higher, again with my iPhone 5, I don’t have the optimum resolution but it works like a charm.

Your CPU( Central Processing Unit ) must be Quad-Core 1.6 GHz or higher, and you need a smartphone that has the head tracking feature. This is called accelerometer, gyroscope, it allows you to watch all around you, 360° and your phone is able to track your head, to show you images when you turn your head left or right. For example, if you are watching a 360° video and you look behind you, your phone is gonna know to show you what’s happening behind you in real time. If you don’t have this feature, you can still watch normal videos and it will be like you are in a movie theater but you can’t watch all around you, so the experience will be very limited.

I made a list of all the smartphones that are compatible with Homido down below, usually 80% of recent smartphones are compatible. If you are wondering if your phone will work with the Homido leave me a comment below, or if you want to experience virtual reality, there might be other options available.

  • Apple iPhone 6/6+
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Note 3
  • Samsung Note 4
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • LG G3
  • OnePlus One

Homido Features

  • Glass wearers: This is what I think one of the best features of the Homido, if you are far-sighted or near-sighted you can still use the Homido with one of their 3 lenses holder that are made for every vision, so this way you can strap the headset over your head, without your glasses and most importantly, without compromising your 3D experience.
  • Eyes to lens distance settings: You can adjust the length of the lenses to bring them closer or farther of your phones whatever is best for you
  • Field of view (Fov): Their custom-made VR lenses of 100° field of view offer you the best immersive experience, it simulates a giant screen right in front of you in 3D.
  • Interpupillary distance setting: You can adjust the size between the two lenses with the top wheel, so you can get the clearest possible images.
  • Wireless: The headset is completely wireless, so you can move freely without any wire hanging in the way.
  • Interchangeable contact surface: You can take the foam off if you prefer using the headset without it or if you need to clean it. After a while, you can sweat a lot on it especially if you are playing horror games!
  • Smartphone clip: Your phone fit in a clip on the front of the headset, you just need to be careful when you put it in that you don’t scratch it because the clip is really tight but when your phone is inside it’s really safe and secured they have made it this way so your phone don’t fall off the headset when you are playing games.




When you order the Homido this is everything you will receive as well as the headset itself.

  • 1 pair of lenses: The lenses are made specifically for virtual reality to bring you in a total immersion
  • 3 pairs of lenses holder: 1 pair is for normal vision, 1 for far-sighted vision and the other one for near-sighted vision so this way everybody can enjoy virtual reality.
  • 1 soft carrying case: If you want to travel with it or bring it to show your friends it’s always good to have a case to keep it protected
  • 1 strap with two parts: One strap goes on the back of your head and the other one on top of your head and they are adjustable as well to be as comfortable as possible and you can make one with the headset.
  • 1 cleaning clothes: Really nice to keep the lenses clean, free of fingerprints or dirt.

Bluetooth Gamepad: Also, this is totally optional but a cool gadget you can get with the Homido headset is theregamepad-24a3 Bluetooth Gamepad made to play games, like first person shooter or car racing you can stream videos, it gives you full access to any virtual world, it’s really enjoyable. They sell it for 20 euros, at but the one they are selling is only compatible with android. Don’t worry if you have an iPhone like me there are others option available. You can get others Bluetooth gamepad on amazon, that are both compatible with android and iOS and they will work with any headset.


I think the Homido is one of the best headsets to experience virtual reality on your smartphones, everything you want from a virtual reality headset they have it, from the comfort ergonomics, adjustable lenses, 3 vision mode, they really think this through to provide a headset that is enjoyable for everyone, so if you are looking for a decent headset to experience virtual reality this would be a good choice.

If you have any questions or want more information don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will be happy to help you. Thanks for reading.


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How to watch virtual reality videos with your smartphone

When I talk to people about virtual reality a lot of them are wondering how can they watch virtual reality videos with their smartphone so I decide to answer this question by writing this post because there is more than one way to do that and there are a couple of different application and websites that are offering virtual reality videos.

Shooting a 360° videos for virtual reality is not that hard with today’s technology, you just need the right camera, pretty much anybody could do it and you could shoot your own virtual video if you’d like, this is why we are to expect a lot more VR videos coming in the near future.

Even right now there are a lot of videos you can watch in VR with your phone. You just need a virtual reality headset such as the Google Cardboard or Zeiss VR, or the Homido, etc. There is a lot of virtual reality headset available that you can choose from to experience virtual reality on your smartphone I won’t name them all but there are a lot of different headsets available to experience virtual reality.

What apps can you use to watch virtual reality video?

There are a couple of application that you can find at the Apple Store or GooglePlay, that are made to watch virtual reality videos. I made a list down below of some of the best ones that you can use to watch some awesome 2D/3D videos from your home.


YouTube has made all of their video viewable with a virtual reality headset, they have a series of 360° video that you can watch in 3D but you can watch also any video and it’s kind of like being in a movie theater, in 2D. Unfortunately for all the iPhone users, it’s only going to be available on android for now. YouTube said it will be coming to the Apple Store shortly.

If you want to find all the 3D videos just type #360Video on youtube and you will find them all, there’s also a channel dedicated to all of those videos, just subscribe to their channel, and you’ll have plenty to watch.

Here’s a link to their channel if want to see more:

 Free VR player


freevrplayersampleThis is a really cool app that you can use watch virtual reality that you find online on different websites, directly on your smartphone. It allows you to either stream them, or you have even the option to download them so you can keep all your favorite ones directly onto the app, so you can watch them later.

The process is really simple too, all you gotta do is copy the URL of the video and paste it in the provided area and it will start the download and you can enjoy watching 360° and 180° panoramic videos!

Here’s a link to their website if you want to find out more:

Apple Store download:

GooglePlay download:



IMG_3252This is a little bit like youtube but only for virtual reality video, they have a huge library of all kinds of awesome videos that you can choose from, they have over 20 categories, such as animation, music, aerial ( you can jump off a plane), you can go into space, etc.

I think it’s one of the best apps for VR videos and everybody can post videos, if you make your own you can add it there, so there’s going to be constant update and new video coming.

Another thing I really like about this app is that it is really easy to browse through the videos even with the headset on ( without having to take your phone off the headset). You can pause, stop, go backward, forward, and search videos.

Go check out some of their videos you won’t regret it, I’ll put the link right below.

Website link:

Apple Store download:

GooglePlay download:

Discovery VR


This is an amazing app, where you can discover all the secret of our planet, the earth. It’s a discovery channel in virtual reality. I have always been a fan of discovery channel, you can learn so much by watching it and seeing beautiful things but now it got even better since it is now in 3D videos in virtual reality. You can explore the world, swim in the ocean, observe the wildlife, walk on the moon, etc.

There are different categories that you can choose from such as the Mythbusters trying crazy experiments, or there is a survivor man guide in the forest, showing you how to build a fire, guzzling water, you can even explore space and all of that while being in the comfort of your home. I just took a surf lesson while sitting on my couch.

One thing I gotta tell you is that some videos can get you motion sickness, after I was done with my surf lesson I was feeling a little bit dizzy, I think when the images are moving too fast, it can get you sick quicker, so just be careful with that, don’t watch for too long, or take short break in between.

It’s an awesome app to discover new things, see the world from a different point of view, they don’t have that many videos at the moment but there are more coming soon.

Website link:

Apple Store download:

GooglePlay download:

Hope you enjoyed this, if you have any questions feel free to ask them below and I’ll be happy to help


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3 terrifying virtual reality horror games for iPhones

If you are a big fan of horror games, and you have an iPhone you are gonna like this, I’ve found 3 awesome terror games that will give you the chills and the 3 are ios and android compatible with google cardboard or any mobile VR headset.

If you are an iPhone user like me and you were looking for VR games you probably noticed there are not that many available for ios. Most of them are only android compatible. I know horror games are really popular in virtual reality, it’s the scariest thing I’ve experience I think, it just feel so real, virtual reality is made to play trick with your mind and it does it very well.

Let’s say you are sitting on your couch at home but what you are seeing in the headset, is you sitting on the couch, so it can get really scary because it’s just like you are actually there and when the horror comes in you just feel like taking the headset off, but you don’t because you want to finish the game even, if you’re scared as hell!

So I did some research for horror games on iPhone and I found 3 that if you like to scare yourself, you are going to love.

1. Insidious

insidious1   insidious2

You probably heard of the movie that it’s one of the scariest, you are in a room and a lady is talking in front of you, and because of what she is saying it gets so scary.

You are in a haunted house, and you are getting trapped in another world, where only you can get out ( That’s what the lady is telling you and she is convincing.)

Graphics are really nice, I’d say a bit slow to react compare to some other games, but that might be just my phone since it’s not the latest.

The experience in overall is really intense, so scary, worth a try and it’s available on ios and android.

Price – Free

Developers –  Focus Features –

IOS download

Android download – 

2. 11:57


This one is more of a horror film, 360° of course, it’s a bit like living a nightmare but you don’t wake up, of course, you can take the headset off, but there’s no point in doing that right.:) If you are here you wanna get scared real good and this one will do the job perfectly.

I really like their slogan too: ¨You can scream but you cannot look away¨, it gives me the chills just thinking about it. You cannot move in the game, but you cannot stop what’s gonna happens next either, I think you are like tie up in a chair or something and you can’t really see what’s is coming but you know it’s coming, trust me.

So I guess for the extreme you could tie yourself up to a chair as well, it could make the experience feel even realer. Well I guess that’s a little too extreme, haha, but imagine doing it to your friends or girlfriend, could be fun, just a thought, if you’re into this… 🙂

Really cool game, scary as hell worth a try available on ios and android as well.

Price: Free

Developers: Wemersive Inc –

IOS download –

Android download –

3. Sisters

IMG_3149  sisters

Sisters is a truly terrifying horror game made specifically for mobile virtual reality. If you like ghost story this is a really good one.  You are sitting in your living room just like you are actually at home but when the horror comes in it gets so scary I almost had an heart attack, haha I’m kidding but it’s really scary. and you can look around you 360° and strange things happen.

I was really nervous playing it because it feels like you are there and I am not lying I was sweating a bit…

There are things happening all around you and you can’t miss anything because it’s waiting for you to to turn your head, and look behind you, just because you want to….

It’s really a cool game as well, available on ios and android too.

Price – Free

Developers – Otherworld Interactive –

IOS download –

Android download –


What I could recommend you to play those games to get the best experience is with some good headphone, if they are noise-canceling it’s even better, and if you are really courageous, play it at night with all the lights close and of course when you are alone. 🙂

Also, don’t forget to read all the safety warnings.

Let me know what did you think or what did you feel, and if you know of any other scary horror VR game let me know in the comments below, I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.


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Oculus Rift and a laptop, Does it work together?


There are lots of reasons people prefer a laptop over a desktop, it’s more convenient, easy to travel with, doesn’t take as much space ( it doesn’t have all these wire hanging in the back), so if you are a gamer like me and like to combine everyday networking and gaming on your laptop, you will be happy to know that the next generations virtual reality games and the Oculus Rift will be available to play on a laptop.

What kind of laptop do you need to run the rift?

We all know you need a high-performance PC’s to support the rift, this is why at first we taught it would be impossible to play the Oculus rift on a laptop since it was never going to be powerful enough but with the new graphics card from Nvidia the GTX 980 they made it possible to happens.

They already integrated this new card in a bunch of new awesome gaming laptop. Here’s a list of the ones that are going to be compatible with the rift.



  • ASUS GX700VO (G-SYNC, Water-Cooled)

    "MSI GT80" by Liebevoll - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

    MSI GT80” by LiebevollOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

  • MSI GT80 (18,4″, SLI)
  • MSI GT72 (G-SYNC)

It’s also safe to say that all of these laptops have the same performance as any desktop computers, and another cool thing is that all of them are overclockable, which make gaming really interesting and you can be sure that with one of those laptops, you will get the best experience from the rift that you could get.

Upgrade your PC performance

These laptops above are really top quality and they can go for a lot of money. If you already have a good laptop and you would like to upgrade is the performance to be able to run the rift you can also do that by buying only the parts you need. This could be a better solution for you and a lot cheaper.

First things first, let me show you what is recommended of your system to be able to perform and support the rift.

Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater

CPU: Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater

Memory: 8GB+ RAM

Video: Output Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output

USB Ports: 3x USB 3.0 ports plus 1x USB 2.0 port

OS Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or newer

These are the recommended specs made by Oculus, so if you have most of them there’s the possibility to buy only the parts you need. The most recent laptop already has most of those specs so you could get away having to buy only the video card from Nvidia.
If you don’t know what you are missing there is a test that you can run on the Oculus rift website, to find out if your laptop is rift ready or not, it will also let you know what you need to upgrade to be able to run the Oculus rift to it’s full capacity.
I put up a link down below that is going to bring you directly to Oculus website, you just have to go at the bottom and you can run the test from there, it shouldn’t take more than a minute.

If you need any advice or have questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask me and I’ll help you with the best of my knowledge.
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Best VR games for iphone

If you have an iPhone and a virtual reality headset device that is compatible with the google cardboard, you are gonna need some good games to enjoy it, I’ve made a list here of some of the best one you can have fun with.

InMind VR

InMindvr1 inmindvr2

This in a really cool game made by where you are sitting in some kind of space ship I would say and there is a big screen in front of you and you are travelling into a human brain and the goal is to eliminate bad neutrons to cure a depressive disorder. It’s really a cool subject and the team are are working on more game that are fun and educational, so it’s a good way to learn at the same time!

  • Developer: Nival
  • Price: Free

Roller Coaster VR


This is a simple roller coaster ride where you go down the track in the jungle, it also go underwater it’s really fun to try it doesn’t last too long but I guess it’s a good thing since you can get a bit of sickness if you play too long.

  • Developer: Fibrum
  • Price: Free Demo Full version 1$

Jurassic VR

jurassic2  jurassic1

This is a game where you walking around as a dinosaurs and you can see some real life dinosaurs walking pass you, it’s a fun game to try but you get bored real quick since there is not much to do exept walking around but the graphic are nice though!

Zombie Shooter


Who doesn’t love zombies right? Imagine being able to shoot them in real time all around you. This is what zombie shooter is. You first start by picking up your guns and to shoot you just point at them, the rest is automatic so you don’t need any button on your headset device. I’ve only tried the demo yet but it’s a really fun game.

  • Developer: Fibrum
  • Price: Free Demo/Full version: 1$

Crazy Swing VR


Really basic game, but it’s exciting, you are in the middle of a night city and you’re taking a ride on a swing in the demo, and you can make your own awesome ride, but be cautious with this one for simulator sickness it can happens really quick!

  • Developer: Fibrum
  • Price: Free demo/Full version: 1$

VR Sniper


Sniper Game, you are the sniper and you need to shoot down the enemy, honestly it’s a bit hard to play if the enemy is too far it’s hard to keep aim at it, so it doesn’t make the experience that much enjoyable, but it’s worth trying anyway!

  • Developer: Unity
  • Price: Free

Vr Car Sim


It seems like a fun driving game where you drive a 4×4 pickup truck and you explore a desert, but I couldn’t enjoy it because of the publicity covering the top of the screen, exactly where my only button to accelerate is, hope they fix this soon, and I report it as well ( You just gotta click ads cover the page).

  • Developer: Denis Kropov
  • Price: Free

VR Funfair

funfair1  funfair2

It’s a big amusement park in one app, 24 rides in total, you get 3 for free, and you can buy the other ones, it’s a really fun experience, you can ride a air balloon, there’s a swing too and the classic roller coaster and much more.

  • Developer: Frank Meyer
  • Price: Free/ Unlock all ride for 5.79$

This is a bunch of cool games you can enjoy on your iPhone for either cheap or free, I will make sure to keep you posted on what other games there is to come and make sure to let me know what great games you like playing with your virtual reality headset, thanks for reading,









What is the google cardboard ?

Want to experience virtual reality without going broke? Google cardboard is the best way to do that!

You probably heard already about virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Rift or Playstation VR, but those headsets are selling for quite a lot of money. If you want to experience virtual reality but don’t want to spend tons of money in the process you better read this!


So, what is the Google Cardboard?

Google cardboard is actually a super cheap way to experience virtual reality with your smartphone. It.s a VR headset made out of cardboard, two 40 mm plastic lenses, a rubber band and some velcro to hold everything in place. What it does is turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset to make you experience real-life experience from your home. For example there an app with google to visit different city’s, you just launch it and you could be in New York in seconds just by wearing it. It works with pretty much any smartphone android and ios as well, I am using mine with an iPhone 5 and it works perfectly.

How does it work?

The way it works is that your phone is gonna track your head movement, while you got the headset on, there are a lot of different apps that are compatible with it, it displays images on you phone screen so you can look all around you and feel like you are in a different place. ( I was just looking at the Eiffel tower 10 minutes ago). It may not sound as much a device made of cardboard but it works really good, I think it’s definitely worth the money spend.

What can you do with it?

They are tons of apps already made for Google cardboard, you can play games, watch videos, discover the world and much more! The best way to get started is to download the Google cardboard apps and it shows you a little bit how it works, it takes you to a couple different city’s like Paris, Venice, New York, there’s a couple of museum to visit as well. You can watch videos on Youtube, you just have to move your head around to choose one and it make’s you feel like you are watching it on a giant screen.

If you have any questions about it be sure to leave them below and I would be happy to help.

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