Best VR games for iphone

By | January 6, 2016

If you have an iPhone and a virtual reality headset device that is compatible with the google cardboard, you are gonna need some good games to enjoy it, I’ve made a list here of some of the best one you can have fun with.

InMind VR

InMindvr1 inmindvr2

This in a really cool game made by where you are sitting in some kind of space ship I would say and there is a big screen in front of you and you are travelling into a human brain and the goal is to eliminate bad neutrons to cure a depressive disorder. It’s really a cool subject and the team are are working on more game that are fun and educational, so it’s a good way to learn at the same time!

  • Developer: Nival
  • Price: Free

Roller Coaster VR


This is a simple roller coaster ride where you go down the track in the jungle, it also go underwater it’s really fun to try it doesn’t last too long but I guess it’s a good thing since you can get a bit of sickness if you play too long.

  • Developer: Fibrum
  • Price: Free Demo Full version 1$

Jurassic VR

jurassic2  jurassic1

This is a game where you walking around as a dinosaurs and you can see some real life dinosaurs walking pass you, it’s a fun game to try but you get bored real quick since there is not much to do exept walking around but the graphic are nice though!

Zombie Shooter


Who doesn’t love zombies right? Imagine being able to shoot them in real time all around you. This is what zombie shooter is. You first start by picking up your guns and to shoot you just point at them, the rest is automatic so you don’t need any button on your headset device. I’ve only tried the demo yet but it’s a really fun game.

  • Developer: Fibrum
  • Price: Free Demo/Full version: 1$

Crazy Swing VR


Really basic game, but it’s exciting, you are in the middle of a night city and you’re taking a ride on a swing in the demo, and you can make your own awesome ride, but be cautious with this one for simulator sickness it can happens really quick!

  • Developer: Fibrum
  • Price: Free demo/Full version: 1$

VR Sniper


Sniper Game, you are the sniper and you need to shoot down the enemy, honestly it’s a bit hard to play if the enemy is too far it’s hard to keep aim at it, so it doesn’t make the experience that much enjoyable, but it’s worth trying anyway!

  • Developer: Unity
  • Price: Free

Vr Car Sim


It seems like a fun driving game where you drive a 4×4 pickup truck and you explore a desert, but I couldn’t enjoy it because of the publicity covering the top of the screen, exactly where my only button to accelerate is, hope they fix this soon, and I report it as well ( You just gotta click ads cover the page).

  • Developer: Denis Kropov
  • Price: Free

VR Funfair

funfair1  funfair2

It’s a big amusement park in one app, 24 rides in total, you get 3 for free, and you can buy the other ones, it’s a really fun experience, you can ride a air balloon, there’s a swing too and the classic roller coaster and much more.

  • Developer: Frank Meyer
  • Price: Free/ Unlock all ride for 5.79$

This is a bunch of cool games you can enjoy on your iPhone for either cheap or free, I will make sure to keep you posted on what other games there is to come and make sure to let me know what great games you like playing with your virtual reality headset, thanks for reading,









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