Homido Virtual Reality headset Review – Visit virtual world with your smarphone

By | January 29, 2016

Product: Homido VR headsethomido-headset-03-7481

Price: 80$

Where to buy: Homido.com or Amazon.com

Quality: Solid, excellent comfort


The Homido VR is a virtual reality headset that is made to experience virtual reality with your smartphone, it is a lot cheaper than the original virtual reality headset such as the oculus rift which cost about 600$ or the Project Morpheus, which is another really expensive headset, also keep in mind that you need a really powerful PC that cost over 1000$ to be able to run the oculus rift. With the Homido, the experience might not be the same as the Oculus Rift but it is virtual reality and they made it this way so that everyone can enjoy it. Developers are always working on a bunch of really cool game and 360° spherical videos that will be available on smartphones. You can get a pretty good deal with the Homido headset and gives you a good taste of virtual reality worlds.  Guaranteed!

This is why the Homido might be the best alternative to experience virtual reality, it cost around 80$ and you can get it on amazon or directly from their website at homido.com and they sell it for 70 euros which I think is really a fair price, with everything you can do with it!

How does it work?

Basically, all you need to do is to insert your smartphone into the headset and you can start experiencing virtual reality with some video games in 3D or you can watch VR videos that are 360° and also in 3D. There is a lot of application made for virtual reality that you can find in the GooglePlay store or the Apple Store. The best way to get started I would recommend you to download the app called Homido Center and from there you can download a lot of cool virtual reality games or watch videos and photos in 3D.

Homido Applications

To get you started with virtual reality you are gonna need some cool application so you can play games, watch 360° spherical videos and pictures in 3D. First application you should get is the Homido Center, where you can find a bunch of virtual reality games and videos, it’s a catalogue of all the apps available and all the newest apps and you can download them from there. A lot of them are free, some you need to pay.

Second one is the Homido player, made to watch 3D videos, you can upload videos that you find on any website like youtube and play them with the Homido player just by copying the URL link. You can even record your own videos with the app and watch them with your headset later.

Homido VR Player

Homido VR Player

Homido Center

Homido Center



Is your smartphone compatible?

First off, it is compatible with both android and iOS, you can even use a windows phone but the experience will be limited For the optimum experience, you need a screen size of 5 inches(111x62mm) but don’t worry if your phone is smaller or bigger than that, it’s still gonna work perfectly fine from a range off 4 inches to 5.7 inches. Myself, I am using an iPhone 5, which got a screen of only 4 inches and I had a wonderful experience with it.

The screen resolution must, at least,  be HD ( 720×1280 pixels) and for the optimum experience you want to be in Full HD ( 1080x1920pixels) or higher, again with my iPhone 5, I don’t have the optimum resolution but it works like a charm.

Your CPU( Central Processing Unit ) must be Quad-Core 1.6 GHz or higher, and you need a smartphone that has the head tracking feature. This is called accelerometer, gyroscope, it allows you to watch all around you, 360° and your phone is able to track your head, to show you images when you turn your head left or right. For example, if you are watching a 360° video and you look behind you, your phone is gonna know to show you what’s happening behind you in real time. If you don’t have this feature, you can still watch normal videos and it will be like you are in a movie theater but you can’t watch all around you, so the experience will be very limited.

I made a list of all the smartphones that are compatible with Homido down below, usually 80% of recent smartphones are compatible. If you are wondering if your phone will work with the Homido leave me a comment below, or if you want to experience virtual reality, there might be other options available.

  • Apple iPhone 6/6+
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Note 3
  • Samsung Note 4
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • LG G3
  • OnePlus One

Homido Features

  • Glass wearers: This is what I think one of the best features of the Homido, if you are far-sighted or near-sighted you can still use the Homido with one of their 3 lenses holder that are made for every vision, so this way you can strap the headset over your head, without your glasses and most importantly, without compromising your 3D experience.
  • Eyes to lens distance settings: You can adjust the length of the lenses to bring them closer or farther of your phones whatever is best for you
  • Field of view (Fov): Their custom-made VR lenses of 100° field of view offer you the best immersive experience, it simulates a giant screen right in front of you in 3D.
  • Interpupillary distance setting: You can adjust the size between the two lenses with the top wheel, so you can get the clearest possible images.
  • Wireless: The headset is completely wireless, so you can move freely without any wire hanging in the way.
  • Interchangeable contact surface: You can take the foam off if you prefer using the headset without it or if you need to clean it. After a while, you can sweat a lot on it especially if you are playing horror games!
  • Smartphone clip: Your phone fit in a clip on the front of the headset, you just need to be careful when you put it in that you don’t scratch it because the clip is really tight but when your phone is inside it’s really safe and secured they have made it this way so your phone don’t fall off the headset when you are playing games.




When you order the Homido this is everything you will receive as well as the headset itself.

  • 1 pair of lenses: The lenses are made specifically for virtual reality to bring you in a total immersion
  • 3 pairs of lenses holder: 1 pair is for normal vision, 1 for far-sighted vision and the other one for near-sighted vision so this way everybody can enjoy virtual reality.
  • 1 soft carrying case: If you want to travel with it or bring it to show your friends it’s always good to have a case to keep it protected
  • 1 strap with two parts: One strap goes on the back of your head and the other one on top of your head and they are adjustable as well to be as comfortable as possible and you can make one with the headset.
  • 1 cleaning clothes: Really nice to keep the lenses clean, free of fingerprints or dirt.

Bluetooth Gamepad: Also, this is totally optional but a cool gadget you can get with the Homido headset is theregamepad-24a3 Bluetooth Gamepad made to play games, like first person shooter or car racing you can stream videos, it gives you full access to any virtual world, it’s really enjoyable. They sell it for 20 euros, at homido.com but the one they are selling is only compatible with android. Don’t worry if you have an iPhone like me there are others option available. You can get others Bluetooth gamepad on amazon, that are both compatible with android and iOS and they will work with any headset.


I think the Homido is one of the best headsets to experience virtual reality on your smartphones, everything you want from a virtual reality headset they have it, from the comfort ergonomics, adjustable lenses, 3 vision mode, they really think this through to provide a headset that is enjoyable for everyone, so if you are looking for a decent headset to experience virtual reality this would be a good choice.

If you have any questions or want more information don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will be happy to help you. Thanks for reading.


Founder of allaboutvirtualreality.com


14 thoughts on “Homido Virtual Reality headset Review – Visit virtual world with your smarphone

  1. Rob H

    Hi Emile, This looks like a cool gadget to have but I was wondering how awkward it felt to wear for any length of time. As it is strapped to your head with your smartphone in it does it feel heavy?

    1. Emile Post author

      Great question thanks for asking, the headset is actually really light weight, your phone might be the heaviest part depending if you have a big phone or not but even if your phone is heavy it doesn’t feel awkward with the 2 parts strap, the headset won’t move a bit and you will barely feel it. Also, when you are playing with it, you will be more concentrated in your new virtual world than what on your head, trust me on that! 🙂

  2. Justin

    Thanks for a great review!

    I have heard a lot about the newer virtual reality headsets that incorporate smartphones, but I never knew they were only 80$, that is not bad at all for a virtual reality experience! The apps you listed look like they would be fun to use and just escape reality haha

    I will have to look into getting myself a pair of these now, thanks for that.


    1. Emile Post author

      The idea behind this of making virtual reality cheap is that everybody can afford it. Anybody with a recent smartphone would just need to have the headset and they can escape reality like you said, also from anywhere. I am sure you will enjoy it if you get one, and if you need some could apps to play with I’d be happy to help you find the best ones out there!
      Thanks for coming by,

  3. Sam

    Awesome site! It’s getting closer to what I’m looking for! Sounds terrific for gaming, and seems to hold potential for a lot more For $80, it’s a steal. Soon all these gadgets will become mandatory, not to mention, fun! The way I see it Emile, virtual reality devices will soon not only augment our skills, but also our reasoning.

    1. Emile Post author

      In the last couple of years, virtual reality technology has grown exponentially and it’s always growing, it’s taking gaming to another level and not only gaming but you can learn a lot with it as well, they might even use those in schools eventually and at the moment they are working on a bunch of new headsets and always trying to upgrade the performance!

  4. Matthew

    I kid you not i was literally looking for one of these the other day and didn’t know which one to buy. I am so grateful for this review, i will bookmark your site. I am in a dilemma at the minute if i should get one or not. But thank you very much, incase i decide to buy one i will check back on your website, but i am not sure at the minute. We need more reviews like this! Keep making them!
    well done

    1. Emile Post author

      I am glad you like the review there are a lot of great headset that could be good for you always depending on what type of smartphone you’ve got, this is where it gets more complicated sometimes, if you’ve got a Samsung I will definitely go with the Gear VR but it’s the only phone compatible with, the Homido is compatible with a bunch of different phones so great choice too if you ever switch phone
      Thanks for commenting, come back anytime!

  5. Erin

    I had no idea that there was a virtual reality headset that was this affordable. Well you learn something new everyday.

    I hope I didn’t miss this: did you say if the Homido center app was free? I am curious as to how much you can do for free once you buy the headset.

    Your writing flows very conversationally. I also love how you made a list of smartphones that are compatible.

    Good job,

    1. Emile Post author

      Hi, Erin, there are loads of applications that you can download for free, the Homido Center is completely free but it works more as a repertory of all the virtual reality games and apps that you can use with the Homido headset. You have plenty of free application on it to keep you occupied for a while and the one you gotta pay are usually only around 1$-2$.
      I didn’t buy any yet since I have plenty to play with, so I hope that answers your questions 🙂

  6. Eric

    This is really cool. Do you know how it compares to the Samsung Gear VR? It looks like a mix between Google cardboard and the Gear VR… at a very affordable price!

    Hopefully they succeed and there is one more player in the arena.

    1. Emile Post author

      Gear VR is an awesome headset as well, the only problems is that it is restricted with the phones you can use, it’s only for samsung, for a bit cheaper price the Homido does the job real good, the technology is similar, but I can say the Gear VR will be more performant since it’s powered by Oculus as well.

  7. Hannah

    Your site is so freaking awesome. I love your niche – virtual reality. Very forward thinking and truly future-proof!

    I’ll admit that I didn’t know virtual reality had actually been properly invented yet. Let alone available for purchase to the masses! Thaat’s what bought me to your site. I had to find out whether virtual reality is a thing yet or not.

    I’m surprised how low the price is on this device. Almost tempted to get one!


    1. Emile Post author

      Yep we can say it’s a thing alright, I was surprised myself we how far we’ve got with it and there are now lots of headset available at affordable price to anybody, depending on your needs you can get a google cardboard for about 20$, or the Oculus Rift for 600$ so there a wide price range but with the Homido it’s a great quality headset and not too expensive!


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